It was real easy to get into . The new mangers does a good job with working with your credit. How ever I think since they’re remodeling they need to hire security guards .When I move over there in a week I will be calling corporate to see what they can do about having security on duty

"Moneka Randall"

I live at this apartments and I love it the lady n the office is so Sweet. Yes the owners live out of state. But so what they on their stuff. I get stuff fixed as soon as possible. These ppl gave me a chance when no one else would. I DO NOT WORK FOR THEM. THEY DESERVE CREDIT WHEN ITS DUE. I LOVE MY APT. THERE ARE NO THUGS WALKING AROU D ROBBING PPL. VEHICLES ARE SAFE AND SO ARE RESIDENTS. PPL PROBLEMS ARE THEY probably FIDNT PAY THEIR RENT AND GOT THE BOOT. THESE ARE SOME GREAT Apts. I LOVE EM!! TY JAY JOSH AND JACK

"Meme Wilson"

They help me with a new home

"Clyde Warren"

I love living here, they are always improving the property and making this a better place to live. Don't believe all the low star reviews, they are probably people who didn't pay and got evicted. I have no complaints other than one thing, they really need to repave the parking lot ASAP

"Jack K"